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Thank you for choosing PixLdust Photography. Memories brought to you by Delayne Hening of Crawfordville, Florida.  My passion for photography began 8 years ago.  The world is a beautiful place and the people in it are all each unique and bring the world it's beauty.  Given the opportunity, I would like to share with you what I see when looking through my eyes.  An opportunity for you to share this beauty with your friends and family.  Although I specialize in outdoor photography, I enjoy photography as a whole.  To be a great Crawfordville Photographer / Tallahassee Photographer you have to have a creative side.  With photography you need to have an open mind and constantly look for new ways to express and bring out the beauty in others and the world around us.   Please take a tour and view my captured pleasures and contact me with any questions or perhaps you have a creative idea you would like for me to capture for you.  Enjoy.

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